Ceawin el Generoso

Líder de la gente de Ensenada Este


Ceawin is chieftain of a tribe of men who once lived in the West Nether Vales of Anduin. When word reached them that the Dragon was dead, Ceawin’s father led them east, around the southern edge of Mirkwood and through the Brown Lands to the East Bight. There, they have settled and begun to farm.


Ceawin is close friends with the Woodmen of Woodmen-town and Rhosgobel, and intends
to unite his people with them. After the fashion of the Woodmen, he has built his hall under the shadow of the trees of the Narrows, and intends to wed the daughter of an elder of Woodmen-town.

En el año 2951 le negó la futura entrada a Vron por haber querido robar el Yelmo de la comunidad que estaba destinado a honrar a los viejos antepasados de los hombres del bosque.

Ceawin el Generoso

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